Annemarie, March 2014

Grace, Bushwick, March 2014

Going to try to switch over to posting on Spenciv, which will be a mix of original photos and inspirations. Also in the process of uploading my archive to flickr, so check there to see all my work.

Amanda, Hoi An, January 2014

Josh Wool for VNDL Magazine, Williamsburg, November 2013

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Azuli, Williamsburg, November 2013

featured onĀ girls-r-awesome:

May, Saigon, January 2014

Kate Foley for VNDL Magazine, Brooklyn, December 2013

Pewitt’s Nest, August 2013

Mia, November 2013

Outtake from a shoot with Amanda, Brighton Beach, March 2013

Riley, Greenpoint, July 2013